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Our in home overnight boarding room has a four dog limit to ensure everyone has plenty of space and attention. 

We take comfort seriously and we want your dog to feel at home with us. This provides the best environment for low stress learning.

We strive to use crates only for bedtime or midday nap. The dogs are free in the house and yard throughout the day. This provides us with constant training opportunities for good manners!

All the pups enjoy the big back porch. We are in and out of the house all day depending on the weather.

Dogs and puppies love our spacious yard for training exercises! 

Completely surrounded by a 4ft fence for safety. 

Playtime! For boarding, your dog must be social with other dogs as he will be interacting with other dogs in the home daily.

Daily Leash Walks. Learning to walk on a leash is important for any dog. And most every dog enjoys getting out and about. So we practice every day! We use mainly harnesses and flat (soft) collars. Occasionally Gentle Leaders.

Boarding Programs for both dogs and puppies include field trips to various dog friendly locations with a focus on positive socialization, calm manners, and obedience cues. 

Boarding Prices

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age with a minimum two rounds of vaccines prior to boarding.

Boarding +Manners


Per Day

Available only to dogs who have  completed any training with Peaceful Pups or who have passed a Behavior Evaluation prior to boarding.

Fun boarding for your dog that helps maintain and encourage good and desirable behavior. For example, we practice waiting at doors each time before we go out. We practice coming when called at random throughout the day. We practice calm greetings and redirect jumping when needed. We redirect chewing to appropriate toys. We practice ignoring other dogs barking. And whatever else comes our way. Your hard work training your dog will not go to waste when your dog stays with us. And when your dog is here, they are part of the family too. 


Peaceful Puppy 

Training Camp


Level 1- Two Weeks (14 Days)


Level 2- Four Weeks (28 Days)

For puppies under the age of 6 months. A complete training program with an outline for success. Positive Socialization, House Manners, Obedience Cues, and Preventative Exercises for behavior problems. 

Includes Typed Training Guide to help you continue training with your puppy. 

Includes Email, Video, and Picture Updates on Training Progress and how they are doing.

Includes Two 1 Hour Private Lessons

Includes Two 1 Hour Group  Class Sessions



Training Camp


Level 1- 3 Weeks (21 Days)


Level 2- Five Weeks (35 Days)

For dogs over the age of 6 months. Begin with a free Behavior Evaluation to help us determine the best custom training plan for you and your dog. 

Includes Typed Training Guide specific to your dog to assist you in continuing training. 

Includes Email, Video, and Picture Updates on Training Progress and how they are doing.

Includes Three 1 Hour Private Lessons

Includes Three 1 Hour Group Class Sessions


Peaceful Pups

Dog Training & Behavior

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