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What is DayCamp?

DayCamp is a 4 Hour Training and Socialization opportunity for your dog offered Monday through Thursday from 11am to 3pm. 

Perfect for dogs with high energy who need more than just a walk or playtime... they need a job to do! 

Training content is customized to the individual dog. You dog will be picked up from your home and taken out and about to train with other DayCampers at parks and pet friendly stores. 

$50 per action packed training filled day.

DayCamp Videos

Puppy Car Practice

DayCamp gives us the opportunity to work on many behaviors... such as getting in and out of the car when asked. And never bolting when the door is open. These pups are working together at just 4 months old!

3 Dog's DayCamp Training Sessions

Training content and DayCamp activities will vary depending on your individual dog. their stage of training, and your goals for them. These videos are created to help owner's know their pup's progress and how to continue.

Why Walk with Peaceful Pups?

We know that dog walks can be stressful. You may be embarrassed about how your dog barks at everything that moves. You may be in pain from all the tension on the leash. You may be afraid to pass by other dogs or people.

Walk with us and we will help move your dog toward better behaviors. Or maybe you have spent a lot of time and effort in training your dog and you want to make sure he will not regress when someone else takes the leash. You can trust us to be aware and interactive with your dog throughout the walk. We will send you a behavior report with pictures on how your dog did and the training techniques that your dog is responding to. 

1/2 Hour Walk.....$20

1 Hour Walk.....$35

If you are outside the Salisbury, China Grove, or Mooresville Area, 

Prices are subject to a small travel fee.

Sit for Cars!!

Buddy the Goldendoodle showing just one of the many ways training can be incorporated into the walk. Unlike some dog trainers we do not force your dog to walk by our side. Instead, we encourage them to explore their environment while maintaining a loose leash and a listening ear.

Peaceful Pups

Dog Training & Behavior

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