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Not sure where to start? A Puppy Evaluation is a free one on one initial meeting with the trainer and your puppy. We work with your specific concerns and goals to customize a program that will work for you. Send us details regarding your pup's current behavior and your desired goals!

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Our Recent Work

2 Week Peaceful Puppy Program

Sandy the 3 Month Old Labrador Puppy showing what can be done with

 positive reinforcement training in just a couple of weeks. 

Puppy Leash Walking Goals!

Legend the 4 month old Doubledoodle providing a great example of excellent leash manners in store. It takes focus to walk nicely!

Designed for Puppies Under 6 Months

All Puppy Programs are designed to be a positive educational foundation to fuel the creation of a healthy and happy relationship between you and your growing dog. For puppies between ages 7 weeks to 6 months, socialization and confidence is key. Our focus is on behavior versus training. For example, we reinforce and teach the concept of being calm versus always asking for a "sit/stay." We cover the following four elements to varying degrees depending on each individual puppy and the program selected by your family. 

1. Learn Obedience Cues

All cues or commands are taught through positive reinforcement and force free training methods. Teaching our dogs the meaning of words and hand signals opens up a world of communication for us. And teaching those words in a gentle way strengthens your relationship with your pup. We believe in using the kindest approach possible so your puppy can begin training at home as early as 6 weeks old! But for Boarding, he'll need to be at least 12 weeks old with current vaccinations.

Your Puppy Will Learn...

"Watch Me" "Name" "Come Here" "Wait" "Stay" "Heel" "Let's Go" "Sit" "Down" "Leave It" "Get It" "Drop It" "Place" "Crate" "Ok"

2. Experience A Variety of Positive Socialization

We have a unique approach to socialization. We believe in systematically adjusting and varying the environment of a puppy based upon the pup's current readiness in any given situation while making positive associations for future desired behaviors. That was a mouthful! But it most accurately describes the level of care we put into the needs of each puppy as an individual in order to feel confident, calm and focused in our sometimes chaotic world.

During an overnight Puppy Camp, your puppy will be consistently interacting with other dogs on a daily basis. If you are noticing signs now that your puppy is especially fearful or overly rough/aggressive while around other dogs and puppies, a Puppy Camp experience may be just what they need. We teach the puppies group exercises to have them learn together as a team as well as supervise and encourage nice behavior during all playtime.  

While with us for Puppy Camp, based upon your individual pup and the training plan created during your evaluation, your puppy may...

- Visit parks - Go on car rides - Meet new people -Meet new dogs - View other animals - Visit pet friendly stores - Attend Group Class with other dogs - Run or Walk along trails

3. Practice House Manners

- Potty Training - Outside! We train on pads only upon request.

-Leave Food on Tables/Counters/Floor

-Go To a Place and "Stay" when there is food out

-Go To a Place and "Stay" when a visitor comes to the door

-Chew Only Puppy Appropriate Items

-Wait/Pause at doorways

-Calmness will be recognized and positively reinforced

4. Preventative Exercises for Behavior Problems

Why wait for problems to start if we can prevent them with fun training exercises? 

- Resource Guarding - Separation Anxiety -Leash Pulling- Door Dashing - Crate Training - Excessive Barking - Jumping On People 

- Mouthing/Biting - Chewing - Handling Shyness -Noise Sensitivity -Impulse Control -And More

Peaceful Puppy Services

Boarding Programs (In Our Home)

Excellent choice for people who are limited on time or who have puppy behavior issues that need addressed immediately. 

See more information on our Boarding Page.

Peaceful Puppy Camp Level 1 (2 Week Boarding) $700

Covers all four elements of Peaceful Puppy Training. Includes multiple daily training sessions customized to you and your puppy's needs while following our outline of successful puppy raising. Two Private Lessons and Two Group Class Sessions are included to follow up after the puppy returns home to keep great behaviors going.

Peaceful Puppy Camp Level 2 (4 Week Boarding) $1,400

Ideal for puppies destined for therapy, service work, or puppies with more severe behavior problems. This program adds the benefit of additional time to expand upon good behaviors and train obedience to a much higher level. We are also happy to add other cues upon request. Two Private Lessons and Two Group Sessions are included to follow up.

Private Lessons (In Your Home)

Excellent choice for people who have time and energy to be involved in the entire training process.

Private Puppy Lessons- Level 1 (4 Sessions) $240 ($60ea.)

All the elements of our Peaceful Puppy Program in weekly one hour sessions with you in the comfort of your home. Homework will be given for you to complete throughout the week and you will have goals to work towards.

Private Puppy Lessons- Level 2 (8 Sessions) $400 ($50ea.)

Includes Basic and Advanced training customized to your needs. Ideal for those who want to go beyond average in their relationship with their puppy. After the fourth lesson, we may meet at a park or other location to practice in a new distracting environment.

Socialization Group: Weekly one hour meeting at Academy St Dog Park in Downtown Mooresville. 

Thursdays from Noon- 1. FREE. Join us for an hour of fun off leash playtime.

Please leave unvaccinated puppies (or under 16wks) and aggressive or fearful dogs at home.

Our Recent Work

Puppy's First Nail Trim

Drake the Beagle/Spaniel Mix learning to enjoy having his nails trimmed.

Puppies In AKC Rally Class

Max the German Shepherd and Scout the Brittany Spaniel

Additional Puppy Services

Designed to benefit you and enhance behavior after your puppy has started training with us. 

Day Camp​ +Puppy Training

(minimum age- 16wks with Rabies vaccine)

Weekdays(Mon-Thurs) from 11am to 3pm in Mooresville. This is similar to a DayCare type concept but better! You pup is picked up from your home and goes on a field trip to various parks and pet friendly stores. Manners and socialization are reinforced throughout and all basic training cues are practiced as well.

Available ONLY to pups that have completed at least 1 Private Lesson or Boarding Program. More details are on our DayCamp Page.   Single Day $40

Boarding With Manners

Has your puppy been through any of Peaceful Pups Training Services? Then your pup is eligible for comfy in home boarding with reinforcement training for manners. This includes all behaviors that are critical for peaceful living with a dog inside. Potty training, redirecting chewing to appropriate toys, positive crate training, general calmness, polite greetings with people (no jumping), table manners (no begging), waiting politely at doors, and whatever else comes our way! We keep it fun with playtime, walks, and cuddles! More details are on our Boarding Page.

Full Day $35

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