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What is a Therapy Dog?

A dog specifically trained to provide comfort and sometimes entertainment through fun tricks to multiple people in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools, and more. A Therapy Dog must have a stable temperament and be completely comfortable with touching/petting.


Getting Started In Therapy Work...

We offer a Free Evaluation to determine if a Therapy Dog Job would be an appropriate fit for your individual dog. During the Evaluation, we will develop a customized training plan to help you attain your goals with your dog as a team. If your dog runs up to strangers, tail wagging and begging to be pet, it is a good sign he will love this work. 

Your dog will need a foundation of basic obedience/manners training. Leash Manners (walking politely) and Greeting Manners (no jumping, calmness) around and with people are critical skills for a Therapy Dog. Therapy Dogs are also likely to work around other Therapy Dogs and sometimes pass by working Service Dogs without disrupting or interacting with them. They must be confident when in public and not fearful or aggressive towards sudden loud noises or movements. They must have a "leave it" cue or similar training to prevent them from picking up unknown items from the floor when working. The AKC's Canine Good Citizen Test is a popular set of skills for prospective therapy dogs to work towards that will prepare you and your dog for working together.

Therapy Dog Training Programs are usually based on Private Lessons and expand into Group Class. Together during the Free Evaluation, we will determine the number of Private Lessons needed in order to develop the foundation skills for Therapy Work. These are weekly 1 Hour Sessions in your home or at another location for training practice. Once foundation skills are in place, progressing to Group Class to provide your dog with the real life experience of working around other dogs and people is highly recommended. Once you are confident in your dog's skills in a distracting environment, we encourage you to reach out to a Tester/Observer with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. They will then guide you through the testing process. 

Learn more about the Test and Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Visit

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What is a Service Dog?

Service Dogs are trained to perform tasks and do work that eases their handlers’ disabilities. Working as part of a team with their disabled partners, the dog helps them attain safety and independence. It is important that the public does not interact with Service Dogs as it could distract them from performing their job.

Getting Started Training Your Service Dog...

1. Find The Breeder You're Looking For

2. Select The Puppy Most Likely To Succeed

3. Customized Board&Train Programs

4. Personal Training in Private Lessons

5. Public Access Testing

"I do not have a puppy or dog yet. I would like help picking the correct puppy for my needs."

Okay, Great! We are here to help you select the breed and breeder of your puppy to best suit your needs through screening and temperament testing. We can also test shelter/rescue dogs and puppies for their potential as a Service Dog. Although, we generally recommend seeking a puppy from a breeder as this will give us a better picture of how the dog will mature as an adult. Good breeders also take precautions to ensure long term health. But this is not to say a rescue will not make it as a Service Dog. Just that it may be more of a gamble as to whether or not training will be a success. 

"I already have a puppy or dog and would like to know how to start Service Dog Training."

First, we'll need to set up an Evaluation to determine if your pup will be a good fit as a Service Dog. Service Dogs must have a completely stable temperament to be safe at all times when in public. During the Evaluation, we will discuss your personal goals and needs for training. 

"I cannot do the training myself but I can maintain it once taught to the dog"

We highly recommend a Customized Board&Train Program. During our Evaluation we will customize a training plan to fit your needs and based on your individual dog or puppy. Depending on your situation, you may choose to leave your puppy with us until training for tasks has been completed and they have passed a Public Access Test. Each individual will be comfortable taking over training with their dog at a different point. We are happy to do 100% of the training for you from start to finish. Or you may decide once your puppy has advanced to a certain level, you are ready to take over in private lessons and group class. We encourage you to carefully consider how much of the work you are able to take on yourself. Trying to take on too much may result in your dog's training regressing. 

"I want to do the training myself."

Great! During our initial Free Evaluation, we will customize a Private Lesson Program to meet your needs. These will be in the form of weekly (sometimes twice per week) one on one 1 Hour Lessons in your home or another location for training practice. Once you have the foundation skills you need, you will be invited to attend group class for training around people and dogs as distractions. Once we are comfortable in your dog's level of training, we will perform a recorded Public Access Test. If you pass all categories, you will receive a signed Certificate from Peaceful Pups stating your dog's high level of training and is behaviorally safe to be in public. This provides you with proof of training for your Service Dog should you ever need it. 

Whatever your case may be, from start to completion training for Service Dogs generally can last anywhere from 10 to 20 months. We do not cut corners for any training here at Peaceful Pups and certainly this applies to Service Dogs as well. Training can begin with a puppy as young as 8 weeks old and continue progressing into adulthood and maturity. Even after training is completed, dogs will change with age and experience and you may want to have an occasional private lesson or group class throughout the dog's life to maintain excellence in tasks and public skills.

We understand taking the time to properly train your Service Dog is a huge long term commitment that is life changing when successful. 

All Peaceful Pups training services for prospective service dogs will be given a 20% Discount. 

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