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Walks with Peaceful Pups

We understand that dog walks can be stressful. You may be embarrassed about your dog's behavior. You may be in pain from all the tension on the leash. You may be afraid to pass by other dogs or people...

Have your dog walk with us and we help move your dog toward better behaviors. You can trust us to be aware and interactive with your dog throughout the walk. If you're not home, we send you a behavior report with pictures on how your dog did and the training techniques that your dog is responding to. 

1/2 Hour Walk.....$20

1 Hour Walk.....$35

Walking Videos

Sit for Passing Cars!

Training during a walk creates a safer, more attentive dog.

Multiple Dogs

Teaching 3 dogs how to walk nicely and calmly together.

Field Trips

For Training Graduates

Your dog is picked up from your home for a fun filled 1 Hour Field Trip & Distraction Training at one of our approved dog friendly locations including parks and pet stores. Perfect for refreshing training, socialization, and manners in public.

1 Hour Field Trip.....$50

Field Trip Videos

Training in a Pet Friendly Store

4 Month Old Puppy Graduate training at the local Tractor Supply.

Training for Car Manners

During Field Trips we practice skills every step of the way.

Peaceful Pups

Dog Training & Behavior